Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Longest Title Ever - Day 8 Africa - Lions, a Village, The Serengeti, and visiting the Kenya/Tanzania border - also knows as - "The Day My Son Rolled Around in Poop" (Poop pictures all the way at the end of this post so scroll down)

Here is my own little monkey trying to break into my tent.



and more giraffes - it was at this point in the trip that my kids were like "yep - giraffe - been there done that"
(Still amazing mind you.)
This was pretty funny. There was a wild goose chase looking for a cheetah and everyone was staring at a rock for forever and the cheetah was probably a mile away. Our driver thought it was pretty funny. 
 Giraffe crossing

 Just a couple of lions - out for a stroll. The male lion was one of the last that we wanted to see and had not seen so we were happy to find these two on the last day. 

 This is vultures, a hyena and a jackal over a kill. 
 The lions walking by. Their belly's were full and they just marched slowly across this big stretch of grass and everyone (animals and people in cars) just held their breath and watched. 

 They completely ignored all of the other animals but the other animals were FROZEN on alert watching them. 

 I kept taking pictures of the other vehicle. The one time that my middle child rode with them I kept taking her picture. She thought that was funny. 

 So these guys stood in a line like soldiers and did not move a muscle just watching the lions walk across. 

 What? I am not doing anything.
 ok - you are right - I have a leg - but it was totally dead when I got there....

 You see anything dead dude? 
Nope. You?
Said the Hyena to the Vulture

I thought this was interesting - these guys put mud on their horns to make them seem bigger. ;) 

 You remember the Sesame Street song - There is a bird on me?
 So this guy was actually feeling aggressive and really shook his head at us. We scooted right on by. Our driver said that he was looking for a little female companionship. 

 We come in Peace! 

 I gotta look up at what this was. 
 Last time at the old hippo watering hole.....

 Then we went on a really long (I don't know how long - maybe 30 minutes or an hour?) drive. When we got there we were told that we had made it to the Kenya/Tanzanian border. 
 And we got to see the Serengeti 
 I have never been to the Serengeti so I found this interesting. 
 My children - not so much. We busted out some electronics at this portion of the trip. 
 We did get to see Wildabeasts which was one of the last on our list. 
 These stones mark the border.
 When they migrate this entire field is COVERED in animals. 

 They do run around a lot

 Wildabeast. They were sure standing behind the door when God was passing out the good looks. That is for sure. 

 Our driver Alice teaching us about the Great Migration
 All 5 of us on the Kenya/Tanzanian border

 My Sister in Law, Brother in Law, Niece and Nephew - love this picture!

 This is a sausage tree (because of the way that it's fruits look and it can make alcohol! 

 Goodbye Tanzania! 
 We were driving back to camp and there was a pride just laying there - right on our way back. Of course we stopped and took a bunch of pictures. 

 Eating a warthog head. 

 The last couple of days of our trip the kids got to go with a Masai warrior and Purity and do stuff like shoot arrows and make fire. There are actually a bunch of cute pictures of this on our other camera (with 800 pictures on it that I have not even started to sort through - one day I will get to it I am sure.)

 I heart Husband

 "Hey kids - scoot to the left so I can get the warthog in the picture...."

 Driving to another village to visit.

Teaching us their ways
 Making fire

 For the last night, they took us to the top of a mountain and had a happy hour for just our family.

 So this night wound up being listed as one of the children's top three best moments of the trip.

Because of the beautiful sunset you ask? No
Because of the amazing family time wrap up? No

Because my 5 year old son fell in poop. 

I am going to let the pictures tell the story but the kids were playing. He fell in poop (not sure what kind - we think cow) and then he proceeded to try to wipe himself off on grass and then run around with his shirt off and basically make the entire group including our drivers and safari guides laugh hysterically. The pictures toward the end start to get a little shaky because I am trying to manage laughing until I cry, a glass of wine, and my camera but I am was able to capture the moment by just clicking away furiously. 

 An amazing last night.


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You guys look like you are having a blast.

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And that is suuuccch a wonderful photo op with the pride.