Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Musings from the Middle

So - I have this middle child.

Any family that has a middle knows that the middle can be....

stubborn and sensitive and very quiet and remarkably loud and incredibly easy and unbelievably hard

all at the exact same time.

Well - I decided to honor our middle with this post today of funny things that she has said - literally all in the last two days.

From the Middle Bowhead Age 6

Scene set up: bedtime, rain beginning, thunder rumbling gently, Daddy finishing up his goodnights, Mommy coming in to begin hers.....

"Mom - Daddy says that thunder is just the angels in Heaven bowling."

I say, "oh really?"

She says, "yes - I really wish they would pick a quieter way to have a good time."

Scene set up: The opportunity for her to talk on the phone with a BFF from Texas alone in the car with Mom driving down the road. The BFF has apparently relayed some story about helping her little brother....

"oh yes but you see if you have a bigger sister and a littler brother than the bigger sister has to help the littler brother do everything and you don't have to do anything. It's Awesome."

Same phone conversation

"I don't know, friend in Texas, I have really only been here a short time and I really don't know all the answers yet."

In the same phone conversation, every time that she wanted to ask me a question or move in her seat she would very carefully hold her hand up to the phone to cover it and say primly,

"Hold Please"

Scene set up: Mom running errands and lets everyone know that there is only one more and it is a quick one.

"Yes but Mommy - sometimes you say that and it really isn't so quick. Sometimes I worry about you and the clock in your head."

I love that Middle. Couldn't have a beginning and an end without the middle!


Foursons said...

She's adorable. You are very blessed with the middle.