Thursday, November 4, 2010

On the Up Side

So here is what I have been thinking about lately....... (I know feel afraid)

I have been thinking about how people tell me all the time

"Holly - you are always so happy. You are so lucky that you get to be so happy all the time."

Well - guess what - I have a little news flash for you.

I don't get to be happy all the time.

You know what I say in the morning when my alarm goes off?

Ouch and 5 more minutes

Did you know that there are days that I feel

mad, sad, angry, frustrated, hot, cold, insecure, bored, anxious, lonely, stressed, too busy, and so on and so forth?

I have tons of faults

I tend to gossip - now people in my real life - don't be afraid of me now that I am confessing this - I am really not a malicious gossip - I am a story teller. I love a good story and I love to talk so there is a good chance that you could wind up in one of my stories. Consider yourself lucky to be a character - not afraid of the way the story is spun. You spin the tale - I just retell it. :)

Once again - I digress....

I am also super forgetful, I take on too much, I loathe people that drive like boneheads in traffic. I mean really people come on -

right turn on red

Despite contrary opinion - hand gestures do not make you go faster in traffic

stop texting

if you have to kiss them 300 times, park - don't hold us up in the drop off line

I could go on and on ........

but now I am really digressing and I need to get back to the point of my story.

I am also so blessed. I love the song that I have as the first on my playlist because it is how I feel. I am lucky. I am lucky to be in love with my best friend. I am lucky to have been where I have been. I am lucky that I get to be at home every day.

I would not change anything - you change one thing - you change it all. I would not go back and fix my mistakes or change any experiences good or bad because they have led me to where I am now.

I do (yes -folks it is like a miracle - we have finally meandered to the point of this post) like to look on the up side.

If I am hot I think "glad I have ac"

If I am cold I think "glad I have a sweater"

If I am tired I think "glad I get to sleep tonight"

If I think I can't I think "well I had better go ahead and try" (that is a lot of thinking in that particular sentence - way too much for me)

I am normal. I am a person. Just a regular person who has to give themselves regular pep talks. I have to say to myself

"self - do not shout at the children"

"self - do not be aggravated at that moron of a person who did (insert whatever drives you crazy here)

"self - do not be ugly to your husband for (insert whatever husband did here remembering that you yourself do a lot of boneheaded, irrational, forgetful things yourself)

Why am I writing this you say? Why are you going on and on, Holly, about your oh so wonderful thought process? I answer you with two answers:

A. You do not want to be in the hamster wheel that is my head - it is a jumbled confusing place to be and I am FOR SURE not here to give you advice on what to think. Just sharing what I think.


B. Because I think that we all need reminders to look on the up side. I have this little blog and it is my story to tell and my platform to use. I get it that I have no business being preachy and telling you what to do.

I mean really - who do I think I am? :)

BUT I see SO much negativity out there. I see a lot of negativity from people who have lives that other people would KILL to have. My advice to you is to be happy for what you have. Talk yourself into feeling lucky for just 5 minutes. I find it very hard to believe that you can't find an up side to whatever it is that you are doing right now. If you can't - well sorry - move on to another blog - but I bet you can and you will be surprised. If you can find the upside for 1 minute, I bet you can find the upside for 5, then I bet you could make it last all day and pretty soon people will be saying to you,

"Oh that (insert your name here), they are always SO happy. They are so lucky."

and guess what

Turns out - they are right!


mama hall said...

amen sister! yay for OPTIMISM! i'm just like you. i will ALWAYS find the bright side because, well, the alternative? is not fun :) i hope many are inspired by you to look on the bright side! way to use your platform!! :)

Megan said...

Holly, I love you. I love you. I love you!!!!!