Thursday, July 22, 2010

What we have been up to....

"Let me 'splain - no is too much - let me sum up....."
(Bonus blog points good for bragging rights for recognizing that quote.)

Putting little brother in bed on Thursday nights and letting the girls stay up to watch So You Think You Can Dance

Spending time at the Pediatric Opthomologist's office - much more blogging on this to come

Practicing the shot put - yes I am the proud mother of an eight year old female shot putter. We put the shot - yep - can't stop saying that one - it bears repeating - we are a shotputing family. Once again - one of those things I never imagined would roll off oh my lips when we started this whole parenting journey.

Going to 6 year old check ups!

Hanging out with our soccer team BFF's.

Sending Mommy on an awesome scrapbooking weekend that was

Hanging out at various waterparks around town.

Celebrating birthdays - over and over again :)

chillin' man - just chillin'

Swimming - a lot

and generally having a Jubilant July!


Life with Kaishon said...

Holy Cow! You have been so busy. Isn't summer wonderful? Busy, but wonderful!

The Kellys said...

Princess Bride!!!??? Sounds like you guys are staying cool and busy!!!!