Friday, December 4, 2009

A Season of Hope

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So - yes - here it is - the Christmas Season.

and no

I have not had much time to post because I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Yes - there is an end in sight and it is called December 15th!

Then I will be irritatingly up to date on my blogging but for now - you get the snippits of Holly thinking that I can dash off. :)

Hope that is ok with you!

Anyway - I digress..............

What I think is so funny about Christmas time is the sense of hope that little kids have. Now I am not talking of hope for a brighter tomorrow or world peace or a greater sense of enlightenment or love - I am talking about the hope.......

That they are actually gonna get some stuff!!!!!!!!!

I mean - these kids really have a shot of saying, "I want that" and it actually happening.

I have a strict no toy purchasing rule in stores throughout the year - don't ask - not gonna happen - don't even bother asking me - still not gonna happen. We do not impulse shop toys - period. I mean - can you imagine the precedent? If I let one time one of the three (ages 7,5, and 3 if you don't remember) just get to have something? It would be a total disaster!!!!!!

Well - this leads me to my point. My kids are so excited that they not only have a shot but that they get to voice their wishes.

EVERY store - EVERY where and I mean everywhere - we were in the car wash place a couple of days ago and my 3 year old saw some shammies with a cool car on them and looked at me and said,

"Mommy - put it on the list".

"Mommy I want that for Christmas!"

"Oh Mommy - I want that on the list!"

Every commercial - every time - "oh oh oh Mommy I want that - put it on the list!"

I answer - every time with "uh huh - ok - sure" or some variation of that.

Now every once in a while I will say - "hey wait a minute - don't we already have that?"

and then they say,

"oh yeah - but if we didn't - we would totally put it on the list!"


Foursons said...

Hahaha! Get 'em the shammies and see what happens and then blog all about it with pictures!

Sage said...

Love Charlie Brown and love your pictures; great blog.